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  •  Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

    We specialise in Sailing Holidays and Yacht Charters across all the Mediterranean Sea area, this includes:-
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Croatia
  • France

You can book your Sailing Holiday with us directly on our website and we can assist you in all your holiday travel arrangements for a door to door service. We have crewed and bareboat yachts available so if you are an experienced sailor and know exactly what you are looking for just simply email us with the details. If you are looking for a charter with skipper or crew which are ideal for families then we have plenty of choice for your from hundreds of yachts.

If it's your first time we are more than happy to assist and advise you on the best options. We partner with many owners and  yacht management companies so we are totally indpendent and can advise you in this capacity to get you the best deal on your sailing holiday. We have many different types of yachts available for charter including Catamarans, Sailing Yachts, Motor Sailors, Motor Yachts and even Superyachts if you are looking for a luxury superyacht charter in the Mediterranean.

24sailingholiday is our name and as well as us being the number one choice you are also number one to us as a client. Other things to consider on your sailing holiday are items such as bedding, linen, water bathing clothing, slippers, pets, and if it is a crewed yacht the captain will also ask you about any dietary requirements before you set sail.

If you have not chartered a yacht before we would be very happy to work with you and the skipper to plan an itinerary for your sailing holiday to ensure that you have an amazing sailing adventure.

You can sail around the Greek Islands in the Ionian Sea, cruise down the Amalfi Coast, party of the Island of Ibiza and view the stunning islands around Croatia.To book your sailing holiday or book a yacht for charter please use the contact form and we shall get back to you with full details of how to progress. Bon Voyage!

Catamaran Sailing Holidays around the Greek Islands

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