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Hvar Sailing Holidays

Perfect for any East Mediterranean yacht charter holiday is another one of Croatia’s towns, Hvar. The town is situated just south of the Dalmation Islands and has attracted tourists over years through its charming ambience and rich cultural architectural heritage.

Sail to the north of the island and you will arrive  at Start Grad which is one of the oldest towns of Croatia and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle. There are three more islands nearby that go by the name of Mijet, Vis and Korcula that you can sail your Hvar yacht charter for a day out for you and your party.

During the peak of the summer Hvar is known to be one of the busiest destinations on the island as it is known to be the party town on the island. The evening is when the town really does come to life so whether you choose to dine in one of the fabulous restaurants there is to offer on the marble streets or enjoy an alfresco dinner on your yacht charter there is something for all taste buds. Once you have enjoyed your evening meal why not take a trip to the rooftop of the Adriana hotel where you may bump in to celebrity guests or even you are looking for a more chilled out evening head over to the Hula Hula bar and enjoy a cocktail whilst watching the sun set.

This is a typical Itinerary for a Croatia Yacht charter  - sailing holiday

Croatia Dubrovnik ->Mljet->Lastovo Island-> Dalmation Island of Vis -> Hvar -> The famous beach of Brac -> Trogir -> Split

Charter Day One (Dubrovnik):

Starting your Croatia Yacht Charter will be at the historic city of Dubrovnik or also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. When you disembark the boat you will have the opportunity to take your time wondering the marble narrow streets lined with baroque buildings or take a look at the picturesque view of the harbour. This is the perfect travel to destination for those that like to take in the culture and historical sites which may include the fortification walls which run along the edge of the city or maybe even the famous Rector’s Palace the choice is yours.

Once you have finished sight-seeing why not take a ride on one of the city cable cars to the top of the hills for dinner at the Panorama with an extensive list of wines, cocktails and Mediterranean flavour dishes to choose from it is the perfect way to end your day and watch the sun set over the sea.

During the July period there is a 45 day long Dubrovnik Summer Festival that is full filled with music, culture and arts that light up the city a fantastic way to keep the old town young every year.

Charter Day two - (Mljet)

Travelling away from the hustle and bustle of the city life at Dubrovnik you will wake up feeling refreshed in your next yacht charter destination at the island of Mljet. The island is partly covered by a National Park but  with a good sail to the north of the island and you will find a small town called Pomena and is the home to two of the most amazing lakes, Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero. The two lakes are connected and both of which have got a bijou beach so that you can have the most relaxing day under the Mediterranean sun.

If you are not one for relaxing then why not travel down to the centre of lake Veliko Jezero where you will find the Benedictine Monastery of St Mary’s Island. For the Game Of Throne fans there is a museum and cafe serving cold drinks and desserts to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

To finish your evening why not dine on board your yacht or take a trip to Nautika to taste some of the fabulous seafood dishes on offer.

Charter Day Three (Lastovo)

One of the newest additions to the Croatia yacht charter destinations is the island of Lastovo. The island is best known for its 15th and 16th century architecture including the renaissance churches that had been built in the Roman Catholic tradition. As the island is so untouched it is the home to miles and miles of untouched sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters making this the perfect spot for your charter to anchor and take the water toys out for the day or take the time to soak up the sun from the top deck.

Once you and the family are back on shore why not visit the local market on the island where you will be able to find fresh seafood that has been brought in by the local fisherman.

Lastovo has become more and more known for its Carnival starting from the 6th January as well as its many music festivals during the summer months.

Charter Day Four: (VIS)

Day four will have you cruising to the remote island of Vis the perfect island for wine lovers. Having only being open to yachts since 1989 it is another island of Croatia that is unspoilt and has virtually no tourists - bonus!

The remote island is Western of the larger Dalmatian islands and can be reached in two hours & thirty minutes by boat from Split. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by clear aquamarine waters and fine pebbled beaches including the famous Stiniva Beach.

Vis town is situated on the southern slopes of the Gradina Hill, located in a small quiet bay of Luka. As Vis is famous for its Plavac and Vugava wines both of which are produced from local grapes that have been grown on the Island. So why not end a unforgettable day, sit back and relax with a spot of wine tasting.

Charter Day Five: (Hvar)

After cruising across the Lastouski Kanal you will have your crewed yacht charter arriving at the the stunning island of Hvar.  After the peace and quiet over the last two days you will be pleased to disembark your boat back in to the lively city life. Whilst walking along the windy cobbled streets lined with beautiful flower boxes at one end of the town you will find the small fishing harbour, in the centre of town be sure to stop and take a tour of the Renassiance-era cathedral and finally end your walk at the spectacular clock tower.

Havar is best known for its partygoers so why not finish off your night and experience one of the high end restaurants before heading on to one of the exclusive beach clubs that the town is best known for.

Charter Day Six: (Brac)

After enjoying a traditional breakfast prepared by your crew, you will arrive at the breath-taking island of Brac. With the stunning crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches in view this is the perfect spot to drop anchor and get out the Jet skis and Kayaks. If your guests enjoy exploring under water then be sure to ask about the snorkelling and scuba diving equipment that can be found on most yacht charters.

The must see area on the island is the Zlatni Rat or also known as the “Golden Horn” you will find the beach just west of the coastal town of Bol. Treat yourself to an evening meal at a popular traditional restaurant named Ranč for a mouth watering meal before getting back on board your boat and cruising towards the island of Trogir.

Charter Day Seven: (Trogir)

After travelling the distance of approximately 15nm you will wake up in the stunning historic town of Trogir. When you leave your boat take a stroll down the marbled streets before taking the time to six back and relax on the seaside promenade in one of the cafes, bars or restaurants. That’s not all why not take one last dip in the water and bring out the yacht toys for one last time before stepping back on board for a fabulous evening meal served by your crew before disembarking on to your final yacht charter destination.

Charter Day eight (Split)

All good things must come to an end and here you will finish your trip in Croatia’s second largest city, Split. The city is one of the certified yachting hubs of the Adriatic that offers a variety of things to do and see whilst you enjoy your final day on your sailing holiday. One of the most popular tourist hot spots is the Diocletians Palace with its impressive Roman architecture featuring its turrets and imposing walls it is most definitely a landmark to see whist on your journey. After a morning of sight seeing why not finish with a last minute shopping trip  before taking your 10 minute journey to Split airport.

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