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Destination & Sailing Charter Guide Amalfi Coast Italy

Located just south of Naples you will find the 50 kilometre stretch of the Amalfi coastline and is of course known to be one of the best coastlines within the Mediterranean which is why a lot of our guest chose to travel here and take their Italian Sailing Holiday and Vacation.

Ever since the Roman Times the town has been bringing in tourist from across the world but over the last couple of years Amalfi has become more popular with yacht charters in the Mediterranean. You will find that once you arrive by sea you will be greeted by a marina that is filled with a variety of boats with anything from a smaller fishing boat to a luxury yacht.

It’s coastline is filled with a cluster of white buildings and hill cliffs that gleam like a pearl which is where the name ‘Pearl of the Amalfi Coast’ originally came from. Amalfi is the most historic towns that is situated along the coast. Over the centuries the town was a trade bridge between the Byzantine and western world and had joined ranks with the coastal powerhouses such as Genoa, Venice and Pisa and now every year in June the four ranks join together to battle it out for seafaring bragging rights.

The top attraction whilst visiting the town of Amalfi is the Pizza sea Duomo situated inform of the cathedral. In this area you will find that the Piazza square is filled with elegant shops for you to browse or sit back and relax with a fresh cup of Italian coffee. There is then six steps that will lead you to the stunning Byzantine-style church that was dedicated to St.Andrew, the Duomo di Sant’Andrea is a truly stunning structure and beautiful arches and decoration, it is certainly a must see whilst you visit.

The town is also the home to paper mills so be sure to stop off and take a look at the Museo della Carta, paper museum, to see how some of the products are still being produced by hand. Whilst taking a stroll through the cobbled streets you may notice the enormous orbs of lemons, the lemons are hand picked to make the famous fresh Limoncello liqueur.

Whether you are looking for history, fine dining or hikes then the Amalfi coast has something to suite all of your party and after not being able to travel much throughout 2020 what better way to travel around the Amalfi Coast this summer than on a boating vacation. 

If you are looking for stability and the ultimate comfort experience for you and your guests, then why not check out our selection of crewed catamarans that we have to offer.

So, you may be thinking why should I charter a catamaran? They are stunning vessels which are multi-hulled to provide an enjoyable getaway but not only that as they are crewed you have the option to help out whilst on board or let the crew do the work whilst you sit back and relax – the choice is yours!

When booking your sailing holiday in Italy there are a few things to take into consideration.

The first one being if you are looking for the excitement and thrill of sailing your own boat then a bareboat charter would be best suited for you. If you are an experienced skipper then bareboating a catamaran with a handful of guests can make a holiday of a lifetime as well as allowing you to have complete control of your holiday whilst yachting around the Amalfi Coast.

If you are looking for more of a laid back, relaxing type of holiday then we recommend looking at the selection of crewed catamarans that there is to offer. There will be a crew to help plan your itinerary as well as the knowledge of a hostess and skipper to help helm, cook meals, clean and main the boat.
(Paul Thompson)

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