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Destination & Charter Guide In Palinuro

Located on the southern coast on Campania in Cilento is the beautiful seaside resort of Palinuro with a fishing village feel. The name of the town originates from one of the characters of the Aeneid by Virgil, helmsman of the fleet of Aeneas. One of the best ways to discover the area’s history and wild nature is to enjoy a sailing holiday in the summer months.

Palinuro is situated in the National Park of Cliento that reaches into the clear sea waters on the coast of Campania. You will need to hire a boat in Salerne to reach the stunning beaches including Bunodormire and Marinella Beach as they are only accessible by sea. Both beaches are known to be the most beautiful beaches that Italy has to offer. It is always good to arrive at Buondormire beach as early as you can as it is only a small bay, so spaces fill up fast and heading into the afternoon when the sun starts to go down it hides behind the rocks.

You can't enjoy a sailing holiday in Palinuro without exploring the underwater caves of Grotta Azzura is a definite must see whilst visiting the resort. The Italian sound is the home to one of the most breath-taking seabeds of the Mediterranean Sea. The name of the cave originates from the water effect produced by the colour of the water which is illuminated by an underground opening that allows light to pass and give the water the beautiful turquoise colour. Another cave that is worth a visit is the Grotta Del Sangue or also known as the blood cave. The name of this cave comes from the colour of the rocks that the give the water the colour red.

Another popular event at the seaside resort is the La Notte del Mito which falls on the 23rd August. This event is where people celebrate the passage of ships travelling from the City of Troy making it the perfect opportunity to entertain guests on the beach at night.

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