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Destination & Charter Guide In Menorca

Do you love the Balearics? Are you looking to book your boating vacation for the summer? Then why not take a look at the peaceful paradise of Menorca. This is an excellent charter destination for those that are looking for a laid-back vibe and have the opportunity to relax on the stunning gorgeous but rocky bays of ‘Calas.’

Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands and is shaped like a boomerang. The island itself is a lot quieter than its sister islands Mallorca and Ibiza. Menorca is known to be sun-drenched all year around however the best time to travel here would usually be around the springtime before crowds of tourist hit the beaches.

When you disembark your yacht charter you will be welcomed by sophisticated culture and beautiful landscape. Take yourself for a wonder down the streets of the island and you will find many small boutique shops as well as a number of restaurants and local bars. The signature dish on offer at many of the restaurants is the caldereta de Llogosta or the lobster stew. Once you have enjoyed a mouth-watering evening meal then head down to one of the local bars and taste the islands speciality ‘Pomada’ or also known as gin and cloudy lemonade.

Heading East of the island why not take a short boat trip down to Isla del Rey and explore the old British Military hospital. Moving to the west of the island you will Old Town of Ciutadella. Make your way through the old town which is full filled with cobbled walkways and pink sandstone buildings before finishing up at the picturesque harbour.

If you love tranquillity, charm and the warm Mediterranean sunshine then Menorca is the perfect sailing holiday for you this summer. 

(April 2022 Paul Thompson)

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